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Update from Team Armstrong

Checked in with Mike last night; even though him and Bob Pelikan (Sighted Guide) were covered in SNOW (yes it does snow in Arizona) and hammered with strong winds they reached their 24 mile goal in time to enjoy a hot shower and dinner in Flagstaff as a reward. Mike has told me that his […]

Arizona Trail Checkin

Just checked in with Mike Armstrong’s logistics support and even though the GPS was giving them issues Shane and Sensei Mike have completed 21 miles today. Sensei Mike’s regular guides Ben and Yancey unfortunately had to return to work today. Luckily other guides have stepped up to help guide Mike to the finish line. Sensei […]

Update on leg injury

As I posted earlier Mike Armstrong injured his leg while hiking through the Four Peaks area last Monday causing Team Armstrong to return to Phoenix while he seeks medical advice. All of the X-Rays and Test results show no breaks and the doctors believe it is a mild strain but has recommended Mike stay off […]

Thoughts from the Arizona Trail

Parker Canyon Lake from the crest trail on Miller Peak

It’s amazing out there, I don’t know how to describe it, It is incredible feeling the amount of raw wilderness surrounding us. It’s strange yet appealing to travel 20 miles and not hear planes flying overhead, No sounds of traffic, …or signs of today’s technology. As I look back at the 116 miles we’ve travelled, […]