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Blind Ride

Mike Armstrong and Scoob on a Tandem

It is hard to believe that I am only a few days away from my ride across Arizona. The event is called The Blind Ride and is a charity effort to help the Foundation for Blind Children a 501c3 charity in Phoenix. The Blind Ride should make for an incredible yet challenging five day adventure for all of us. This tandem bike ride is 390 miles and starts at the New Mexico border and runs to the California state line. My goal is to raise funds and awareness for the FBC and hopefully inspire a few people along the way.

Update on leg injury

As I posted earlier Mike Armstrong injured his leg while hiking through the Four Peaks area last Monday causing Team Armstrong to return to Phoenix while he seeks medical advice. All of the X-Rays and Test results show no breaks and the doctors believe it is a mild strain but has recommended Mike stay off […]